Interlibrary Loan

Effective January 2, 2014, the Library System will accept both fiction and nonfiction book requests.   The Library System will use the UB Illiad program for out of system requests.  UB currently charges CCLS $8.00 per request, whether it is filled or not.  The System is subsidizing each of those requests by $6.00; the patron will pay $2.00 only when their request is filled.

Any material owned by a non-automated member library, is considered an interlibrary loan
and there is no charge for those requests.

Fiction and nonfiction books may be requested
Patron pays $2.00 to their library when their out-of-system interlibrary loan is received.

Borrowing library will receive a bill from CCLS Business Office for any out-of-system Interlibrary loans received during that month.


Effective 1/2/2014