Memorial Policy

The minimum donation to receive a plaque in a book is $20.00.  Donations of less than $20 will go in a fund to purchase books and other library materials.
The memorial form will be a donation envelope.  This will allow patrons to mail or hand in donations in with ease.

Specific titles requested by donors will only be added if the library would normally do so.

Please keep requests for books as general as possible.  The library will make every attempt to honor donor requests.

Materials will be put out for circulation once they have been processed.  Donors and those notified of the memorial may call or visit the library to request the materials be put on hold for their use.

All pieces of paper received will be kept for a period of three years.  An electronic document will be created with all necessary information that will be kept forever.

The Library accepts new books and materials purchased by the donor for memorials, if:

The materials have a current copyright date

Not a duplicate of a book we already have

An appropriate subject matter of interest to the general public

Approved by the  Library Director

Adopted 5/24/2011